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Personal Goals for 2016 from CHRI Staff

January 1st, 2016 | 3 Comments | Posted in News and Updates
Writing your goals down has been proven time and time again as an effected way to help achieve them. A few of the CHRI staff put pen to paper or more literally, fingers to keyboard, since it is now 2016 and wrote down a personal goal for the new year. Do you write down your goals?

care_150Care Baldwin

In 2016 I want to put more effort in to getting ahead on things. As someone who likes working with “To Do” lists, I think I subconsciously have a habit of keeping things on my list until the time they’re actually due. Are you like that too?

Things like projects around the house, planning for upcoming Sunday worship services, meal prep, or writing ‘thank you’ and birthday cards. Rather than waiting until they need to get done, I can be doing things as time allows – Of course, the secret is not saying ‘yes’ to more than I can handle! Are the things I’m putting on my list going to get me to where I want to be? Do they fit in with my passions, purpose and goals?

I hope 2016 will be a year of “Now” and that I can clear things off my lists sooner than they need to be!

ashlyn_150Ashlyn Berkhout

There are a few things I plan to focus on in the year of 2016. One of them is broadening my choices for healthy meal options. This would include meal prepping and putting a lot of mileage on my slow cooker so I have time to focus on the other things I enjoy in life; things like spending more time outdoors, doing crafts, and in The Word. Another small thing I want to do this New Year is celebrate my graduation of post-secondary! It is my goal to finish on a high note. I also want to grow a new aloe plant because mine died (R.I.P. Cecelia).

trudy_150Trudy Connelly

In 2016 I really want to establish a more consistent prayer & Scripture reading time each morning.  Currently I am finding that I only occasionally spend the time I want in the morning and far too often rush through a short devotional and a prayer or two before tackling the other things that need to be done before heading out the door in the morning.  I want to solidify the habit of spending a minimum of 20 minutes each morning reading and meditating on Scripture and listening to God’s voice.  The goal is to start each day off on the right track by getting closer to God and listening for HIs voice speaking into my life.   I have been able to develop the habit of a regular exercise workout most mornings so why not put in the place the time for what is even more important – spending time with God!

ashley_150Ashley House

In 2016 my goal is to compliment more with a special focus on strangers. When I receive good customer service, why not find the manager and tell them so. Or eat at a nice restaurant write them a great Google review. I hope to build and encourage others more in 2016.

brock_150Brock Tozer

This year, I’d like to be more intentional about strengthening individual relationships, esp. with my co-workers, my wife, & my two sons.

dianne_150Dianne Van Der Putten

I feel God is building in me a greater desire for prayer and after seeing the movie ‘War Room’ I’ve rearranged my living room and have brought back my prayer chair.  This is where I now sit to read my bible, wait on the Lord, pray and petition His throne of grace, and yes, I’ve now started to journal.  This is one area that I’ve struggled with and I’m not sure why.  I’ve started writing my thoughts and struggles, asking God to help me process them to bring clarity and focus for what He would be calling me to pray / do.  I’ve also started writing down my dreams and visions, asking God to give me understanding into them.  I’m amazed at what God is teaching me as I intentionally give this area of my life focus believing He is willing to teach all those who seek Him.

T.C. Stallings predicts Kendricks’ movie ‘War Room’ could start a prayer movement

August 1st, 2015 | No Comments | Posted in News and Updates

When War Room comes to the big screen in late August, it may be to people everywhere what the movie Courageous was to fathers – a launch for people to pray and connect with God, according to actor T.C. Stallings.

Even before Stallings landed a role in a Kendrick Brothers Productions film, he was a fan of their movies.

Big-time Hollywood films, he says, may be fun and entertaining, but nothing more. But a Kendrick Brothers movie? They are “powerful” and can have a direct impact on a life for the better, he said.

“I like that when you’re done watching the film, it makes you want to go and do something,” Stallings told Christian Examiner. “Not all movies do that. For instance, I went and saw a couple of movies the other day, and they were awesome. But when they were done, I’m done. I can’t put on a cape and fly.”

Stallings plays the lead male role in the Kendrick Brothers’ latest film, War Room, which spotlights the power of prayer and hits theaters Aug. 28.

It was screened by messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention Monday night, and judging by the reaction, the Kendrick brothers may have another hit on their hands.

It’s the fifth film from Alex and Stephen Kendrick, the two brothers who serve as director and producer, respectively, of “War Room.” They wrote the script, and each also plays a role on screen. Their string of hits began with 2006’s “Facing the Giants,” and was followed by “Fireproof” and “Courageous.” The latter two opened in the Top 5 at the box office. In fact, “Courageous” was No. 1 on the first weekend in per-theater average.

Stallings plays Tony Jordan, a successful salesman in a big-city skyscraper whose home life is a wreck. He fights regularly with his wife Elizabeth (played by Priscilla Shirer), rarely spends time with his young daughter, and even begins contemplating an affair.

For her part, Elizabeth – a real estate agent – acknowledges she no longer believes she’s in love with Tony. It’s only under the tutelage of an elderly client (“Miss Clara” – Karen Abercrombie) that Elizabeth rediscovers her faith and learns about the true power of prayer.

Miss Clara, we learn, goes to “battle” daily in her prayer closet – her “war room.”

It is Stallings’ seventh film. He also has had roles in commercials for Golden Corral and USA Football, and he speaks around the country about his faith.

This summer he will release a devotional, “Playing On God’s Team.”

Christians, he said, tend to undervalue the power of prayer.

“I know we do,” he said. “We’re guilty of prayer being the last result. When a situation arises, people say, ‘Well I did this, and I did that, so all we can do now is pray.’ Pray is not the go-to method, which it should be. That’s the way God designed it. We use common sense over prayer. But we don’t know the future like He does. (‘War Room’) hopefully will encourage people to begin praying and start connecting with God.”

Just as “Courageous” encouraged men to be better fathers, he hopes “War Room” will “encourage people to begin praying and start connecting with God” – even to launching a prayer movement.

As part of that prayer emphasis, B&H Publishing is partnering with Kendrick Brothers to release a book by the Kendricks, “The Battle Plan for Prayer,” along with a War Room Bible Study and a War Room Church Campaign Kit.

Fans may recognize Stallings from “Courageous,” when he played T.J., the lead member of a gang.

“I went from a guy who was stealing trucks and shooting people (in ‘Courageous’) to a guy who has this incredible arc of emotions (in ‘War Room’),” Stallings said. “It was exciting to know that I’ve been given the charge of making people forget about T.J. and get to know this Tony Jordan guy.”

Mainstream Hollywood films often portray black families in a negative light, and Stallings said he’s excited for moviegoers to see “the other side.”

“Not every African-American man is not with his family,” Stallings said. “There are those out there who pray, who love the Lord, who are successful. For this movie to do that, it is encouraging. And I like the fact that it shows us winning against issues and sin and problems – as opposed to someone dying or we’re going to a funeral. We’re victorious, we’re victorious through Christ.

“Maybe some families will say, ‘We can do that, too.’ An African-American family in a rough neighborhood, or even a good neighborhood, they can say, ‘We can come out of this if we pray.’ No matter what our color is, prayer is the answer.”

War Room is rated PG for thematic elements. web domain It contains no sexuality, language or violence. Visit


The Rapid Rise of Nondenominational Christianity

July 1st, 2015 | No Comments | Posted in News and Updates
Membership, baptism, and weekly attendance numbers are down in the largest evangelical denomination, but evangelicalism is a different story. By Ed Stetzer

The Rapid Rise of Nondenominational Christianity: My Most Recent Piece at CNN
CNN has posted a story I wrote describing the drastic rise of nondenominationalism among those whose religious preference is “Protestant.” Here is the chart that tells the story visually, that we describe there verbally.

Using a baseline average from 1972–1976, over the last four decades, there has been more than a 400 percent growth in Protestants who identify as nondenominational.

Earlier this week, the Southern Baptist Convention, which is the largest evangelical denomination in the United States, released data showing that membership numbers have declined for the eighth straight year. I wrote about the acceleration of that decline at Between the Times.

So, what does this mean and how does it related to what I wrote for The Washington Post, USA Today, and CNN a few weeks ago about the persistence of evangelicalism in the United States? After seeing the new SBC data, one may think, “Surely if the largest evangelical denomination in the country is losing people, evangelicalism as a whole must be dying. Aha, Ed Stetzer!”

Well, that’s not the case, and there is a clear reason why: the rise of nondenominational evangelicals.

Just for a point of reference, this chart compares the decline of SBC affiliation as a percent of US population (in this case, based on Pew data) and the rise of nondenominational evangelicalism in the same sample during the same timeframe.

There are many other denominations in evangelicalism, and as I mentioned in the CNN article, the Assemblies of God just announced their 25th year of continued growth, but the picture points us to a change that’s often overlooked—the rise of nondenominational evangelicalism.

CNN has published a new piece from me today in which I explain this phenomenon. Here’s an excerpt:

If you focus only on churches within evangelical denominations, you miss those congregations that, while evangelical in their doctrine, exist independently.Ignoring nondenominational churches misses Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama, which has more than 30,000 attendees, or the almost 25,000 Christians who attend Willow Creek Community Church outside Chicago. They, and many churches like them, are well-known and denominationally unaffiliated.

Despite recent data from LifeWay Research, which found most Americans are open to denomination churches, many pastors feel they can be more effective by not promoting their denominational affiliation. They aren’t necessarily hiding it, but it’s not something that comes up frequently.

Many evangelicals are happy to talk about Jesus, but perhaps are reticent to talk about their denomination. Or they might not even know their church is affiliated with a larger group.

For example, tens of thousands of people attend campuses of the innovative, the congregation behind the popular YouVersion Bible app. Most members of LifeChurch are probably unaware of their affiliation with the Evangelical Covenant Church, a denomination founded by Swedish immigrants—another growing evangelical denomination—for 22 years in a row.

There’s one more factor at play, too: church membership rolls do not accurately reflect regular attendance or active participation. I wrote for CNN:

Here’s a dirty little secret: Many evangelical churches report membership numbers that look very different from actual attendance or even involvement.Many Roman Catholics may be familiar with this phenomenon. I’m probably still on the roll of Our Lady of Victory in Floral Park, just outside of New York City, where I was baptized as a child.

Many evangelicals have some similar attendance patterns, often listing far more people on the membership rolls than actually attend church on Sunday mornings.

There’s lots of information there, so please read the article at their site, and like and share so that others can understand the shift.

When you look at this chart, created from the General Social Survey (GSS), showing the increase of “nondenominationals” as a percent of evangelicals, it’s quite stunning:

Soon, a third of all evangelicals will be nondenominational.

I’m a believer in denominations as tools for cooperative mission, so I think that this is not all good news. Furthermore, I imagine that many of these churches will partner up in networks for cooperative strategy (and many already are). However, the landscape is changing.

Some evangelical denominations are growing (and I mention two in the CNN article). Others are not. But it would be hard for any to grow as fast as nondenominational evangelicalism.


Watch CHRI on The 700 Club Canada!

June 1st, 2015 | No Comments | Posted in News and Updates
700ClubCanada1_600x338The 700 Club Canada was in Ottawa in early May to host several of the show’s episodes from our Nation’s Capital, including LIVE from the CHRI studios!

You can watch these episodes June 1st through 23rd at 10:30am ET weekday mornings on VisionTV.

Watch hosts Brian Warren and Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson with CHRI’s Dan Adams and Care Baldwin as well as other special guests from the city.

Check out photos from the 700 Club Canada in the CHRI studios on Facebook.

*Depending on your cable and satellite systems some you may also receive the program via HOPE TV (10 am & 10 pm ET) and JoyTV 10 (10 am ET).

It is also available online by noon each day at under “Archived Episodes

June 1 – 5 – CHRI station
June 1 – Marriage (with Dan Adams)
June 2 – Addictions (with Dan Adams)
June 3 – Shame from the past (with Care Baldwin)
June 4 – Family (with Care Baldwin)
June 5 – Spiritual Growth (with Care Baldwin)

June 8 – 12 – Politics
June 8 – Mark Warawa
June 9 – Joy Smith
June 10 – Bob Zimmer
June 11 – Stephen Woodworth
June 12 – Rick Chiarelli

June 15 – 23 – Ottawa-Area Ministries
June 15 – Janet Buckingham – Laurentian Leadership Centre
June 16 – Paul Huggins – Athletes in Action
June 17 – Terrence Prendergast – Archbishop of Ottawa
June 18 – Ken Maclaren – Innercity Ottawa Services
June 19 – Michael Hart – Elim Counselling Services
June 22 – Mat & Nicole Crisp – Recording artists & worship pastors
June 23 – Josée Lusignan – Aime Ta Ville/Love Your City

Sharathon Thank you

October 1st, 2014 | No Comments | Posted in News and Updates