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Brock’s Summer Music Picks

July 1st, 2018 Posted in From Brock
With summer finally here, I thought I might put together a Top 10 list of fun new songs, from Christian artists, that I think all have a great “summer feel” to them.  I’ve tried hard to avoid the more obvious names, at least for the most part, in hopes of introducing you to a new artist or two–or at least nudging you in the direction of an artist you hadn’t previously considered.

I’ve also ranked these songs, in descending order, according to how summer “jammable” they are–to my ear, at least.)

Hopefully, you’ll find at least a few, in this mix, that you like half as much as I do.

10) Aaron Bucks–California

Aaron is a Canadian artist, from Vancouver, real name Aaron Buchholz.  He’s just inked a new record deal, with BEC Recordings, and California is his debut single (under the new moniker).  Sort of a breezy/laid back summer track–artistically, Aaron is the real deal!

9) Francesca Battistelli–The Breakup Song 

It’s been a few years since we’ve heard, from Franny, awesome to have her back making music again.  So, what is she “breaking up” with?  Well…fear!  Love the message.  I also love the throwback vibe of this one.  

8) Social Club Misfits (f. Tauren Wells)–War Cry

If you’re looking for something a bit edgier, to really pump you up, this summer, look no further.  Social Club Misfits + Tauren Wells = the perfect artistic match.

7) Rhett Walker Band–Say Hello 

These guys burst onto the scene in 2012…announced they were discontinuing, in 2016…and then re-emerged, in 2017.  Frankly, as confusing as that may sound, they’re actually sounding better than ever on this track.  The new self-titled EP releases August 10th.

6) Jasmine Murray–No Other Love

Raised by a single mother, Jasmine was exposed early on to stellar vocalists like Christina Aguilera, CeCe Winans, and Yolanda Adams.  She made the top 12, on American Idol, back in season 8, when she was only 16 years old.  Fast-forward nearly 10 years now, and Jasmine’s new Fearless project is fully on point.  Her vocals are nothing short of incredible here.  Really fun track.

5) Citizen Way (f. Bart Millard)–WaveWalker

Citizen Way seemingly came out of nowhere to score a surprise Christian radio hit, last year, with their song Bulletproof.  In a similar musical vein comes WaveWalker.  As you can probably tell, from the title, the song is indeed very “summery”, and you can’t go wrong with a little Bart Millard on the side for good measure.

4) Tedashii (f. Jordan Feliz)–Gotta Live

As Tedashii puts it, Gotta Live is a song “about perseverance, and the idea that there is so much life to be lived we shouldn’t let trials and hardships blind us to that fact“.  Sometimes you just “Gotta Live”!  Jordan Feliz is a great addition here too.

3) Chris August–Delivery

Delivery is from Chris’ new project, just released, called Seasons.  He describes the project as “a little unlike” any record he’s ever done, and also says that he “poured (his) soul into every lyric and every piece of the music“.  All I can say is, it shows!  In many ways, this record has surprised me more than any other this year.  So fresh!  There’s nothing else quite like it, right now, in Christian music.

2) Tiger Drive–Here We Come

Say hello to new indie-trio, Tiger Drive.  These guys take a multi-genre approach, think MuteMath…meets Coldplay…meets Imagine Dragons…meets something totally original.  Here We Come grabbed me right from the get go.  Wow!  I feel like they’re poised for a massive breakthrough.  What a song!

1) Aaron Cole–One More Day

Well, here we are at the very top, of my list, with the absolutely most “jammable” song of your summer 2018.  Aaron Cole’s One More Day, simply put, is the song of the summer!  Just listen & you’ll hear what I mean.

Honourable mentions go to (the always encouraging) Mandisa, with her newest track, Good News…and the long-awaited return, of For King & Country, with Joy.

To hear all these songs and others for the background music of your summer check out CHRI’s Spotify playlist A CHRI Summer. Enjoy the tunes…and have a great summer!! 


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