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Living in the Moment

July 31st, 2017 Posted in Encouragement
by Matt Charbonneau

With summer now in full swing, many people are taking advantage of much-needed vacation time.

Perhaps families are packing up their mini-vans and heading to a cottage or campsite. Couples might be touring exciting cities in or out of the country. Individuals could be planning adventures on their own or with friends to keep active and discover new experiences.

It’s a good thing people are so busy in the summer, as before we know it, the season will soon be over.

In fact, just as the calendar pages turn from July to August, stores are loading their shelves with back-to-school merchandise.

Soon, sunscreen and bathing suits will be replaced with binders and calculators.

Beach volleyball games and family barbeques will be a distant memory, thanks to resumed regular staff meetings and gridlock traffic.

Yet, as much as we can easily turn our attention to what lies ahead, we cannot forget to first enjoy what is still before us.

In today’s society, it seems we are constantly pressured to focus on the future, always planning for what’s next.

While this may be necessary, it is also important to appreciate who we are and what we have in the present moment.

Concentrating on today, we can better cherish our many blessings without diminishing their value by looking past them.

You see, God is in the present. His work of the past is complete and He no longer lives there. While He prepares our future, it is still very much unknown to us, and so we may only recognize God in the moment – right here, right now.

For instance, leaving a campsite at a particular time in order to beat the crowd of vehicles that will clog the highway certainly does matter, but thoughts of that lingering so much in one’s mind can easily spoil great conversation during a family picnic.

Stressing about a particular class or teacher you won’t have for another month could only get in the way of a budding summer romance or friendship forming in a summer sports league.

Scripture reminds us to soak up the many blessings we are experiencing now, rather than focusing excessively on what is yet to come (see Ecclesiastes 5:18-20 & Matthew 6:34 as two examples).

The more we turn our eyes to what we cannot control ahead of us, the more we will fail to see the many gifts God has brought right before us.

A long overdue coffee date with a friend, a leisurely walk with our dog in the park on a sunny day or an evening movie marathon with an open agenda for tomorrow are all examples of how God can reveal Himself and bless us this summer.

However, if we do not allow ourselves the time to unwind and celebrate such beautiful moments, August will turn to September and we will be left scratching our heads, wondering what happened to summer.

So enjoy that chance to sleep in. Eat that second ice cream cone. Admire that gorgeous sunset or freshly cut lawn.

Do all of that and more, as living in the moment will allow us to be fully present in order to embrace God’s gifts.

Matt Charbonneau is a high school Religious Education teacher who inspires his students to explore a deeper relationship with God. Applying uplifting lessons, engaging activities, and insightful experiences, he strives to demonstrate the powerful presence and unconditional love of God in everyday life. Matt and his wife live in Ottawa with their two sons and daughter.

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6 Responses to “Living in the Moment”

  1. Shaun Forster Says:

    I really enjoyed reading this article! I think one of the greatest tragedies in life today is not living in the moment. So many people are either preoccupied with the past or with the future. A very timely article, especially with all of those back to school ads ;(

  2. Kim Says:

    Living in the present is I think my biggest challenge as a parent. Thank you for the reminder to be fully in the moment when I am playing with my girls instead of thinking about what to make for dinner tonight or composing an email to a colleague in my head. Dinner and email can wait a little longer!

  3. Matt Says:

    A wonderful reminder to always cherish the present and the “little moments” God so generously provides for us each day (yet, which sadly, we too often fail to see when focused on the future). Thank you Matt for this healthy reminder to enjoy these moments, especially during these last few weeks of summer. Looking forward to reading your next piece herein.

  4. Ashley Says:

    Glad you enjoyed the article Matt! I hope you enjoy the end of your summer :)

  5. Ashley Says:

    Great take-aways Kim! Enjoy the rest of your summer with your girls :)

  6. Ashley Says:

    We couldn’t agree more Shaun!

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