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Becoming a Woman of Influence

October 1st, 2016 Posted in Lifestyle

If you’re reading this, you’re a woman of influence. You’re influencing someone. Someone’s watching you, listening to you, and following you. Now that you’re totally creeped out, be reminded that we all have the power to influence around us for good, bad, or indifferent. Whether it’s your kids, coworkers, your spouse, friends, women in your Bible study, or someone else in the line at the grocery store, you have influence.

We love how all of our authors—while influential themselves—know that the most influential people in your lives are those you encounter often. Here are a few quotes from some of our newest Bible studies about being a woman of influence:

“Every Christian is gifted for influence.” (Beth Moore, Entrusted)

“Whether we serve as bosses, teachers, mothers, ministry leaders, or have other positions of authority, we could solve a multitude of problems if we worked for the joy of those we oversee. In other words, if we’re motivated by power, significance, position, advancement, money, or self-worth, then our leadership is not based on God’s love. The people we serve can tell if we’re leading them out of our own self-interest or for their joy.” (Kelly Minter, All Things New)

“You matter. You’re a woman of influence. You’re impacting people around you every day—whether it’s your children or your coworkers or your podcast listeners or the barista at your local coffee shop.” (Annie F. Downs, Looking for Lovely)

“We have fooled ourselves into believing that serving God in a significant way means standing on a stage with lights, smoke, and skinny jeans.” (Nicki Koziarz, A Woman Who Doesn’t Quit)

“The goal is Christlikeness, not us-likeness.” (Beth Moore, Entrusted)

Whether you read her blog every day, you sit across from her over dinner, or you use Skype to attend her Bible study, those are the women who are leading you. Those are the women you are leading.

Here in Nashville at LifeWay Women, we’re gearing up for our biggest leadership event of the year—the Women’s Leadership Forum. It’s an incredible three days of learning from other women of influence that will be relevant to wherever you’re leading or being called to lead. We hope that you’ll consider joining us! We can’t wait to learn how to lead better alongside you, the women who influence us.


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