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Ashley’s Five Favourite Podcasts

April 4th, 2016 Posted in Lifestyle
View More: to a podcast is one of my favourite pass times. And one of my favourite times to listen is when I’m getting ready in the morning. Most early mornings you’ll find me standing in front of my mirror, hair-straightener in hand and my cell phone sitting on the counter with a podcast playing. It makes the somewhat mindless & boring task of getting ready so much more productive and entertaining. Here are my top 5 podcasts. Would love to know your favs & suggestions leave a comment below.
  1. Unbelievable?
    unbelievableAn apologetics podcast out of the UK. Love the host Justin Brierley, he’s engaging, fair & has a great accent :) My mind is blown every week with the debates between Christians and Non-Christians. You will learn so much about your faith and about discussing your faith with others.
  2. Building a Story Brand with Donald Miller
    storybrandWe’re big Donald Miller fans around CHRI. We love his marketing mindset & the way he clearly lays out how to reach your audience. If you run a business, are involved in marketing, have a blog or just want to learn about communicating – Donald Miller is your guy. The “Story Brand” podcast recently launched & is full of great tips to make your messaging much more clear.
  3. Planet Money
    planet moneyI am not a money person. My Dad is an accountant so growing up I was (& kind of still am) subjected to a lot of money talk. In my heart I want to care but my non-math mind keeps shutting my heart down. Planet Money discusses money in such a Plain Jane yet entertaining way that they end up tricking you into learning about money. I love the two hosts and that the podcast is only 20 minutes, about all the money talk I can take at one time.
  4. Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast
    andystanleyAsk anyone who knows me who my favourite pastor is and they will tell you Andy Stanley. I quote Andy more that I quote anyone else (other than the Bible of course ;)). “Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast” comes out once a month and literally leaves you pondering about what you heard for the entire month. Everyone should listen to this one.
  5. The Lively Show
    livelyshowThis one’s for the ladies. The podcast is all about being a woman in business. Jess brings on some amazingly talented and successful men and women to talk about balance and perspective in your business and relationships. You’ll want to be her bff and pick her brain after listening to a few shows.
What podcasts are you currently listening to?

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