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CHRI Staff Share Their Favourite Christmas Album

December 1st, 2015 Posted in Music
dan_150Dan Adams: Let It Snow, Baby…
Let It Reindeer by Relient K
It’s a fun Christmas album with a fun title. Who doesn’t like Relient K?! My second choice would be Bebo Norman’s “Christmas… From the Realms of Glory” (also from 2007)


care_150Care Baldwin: Joy by Avalon

Although the 2014 Michael W. Smith album is worth mentioning because of its beautiful orchestrations, arrangements, and collaborations, I am choosing Avalon’s “Joy: A Christmas Collection” from 2000 as my favourite CCM Christmas album. I have always loved the powerful vocal ranges and strong harmonies in Avalon but the song choices here combined with those harmonies makes this a very festive album. Featuring classics like “Jesus, Born on This Day”, “Don’t Save It All for Christmas Day”, “Light a candle” and my favourite “The Angel’s Medley”.


ashlyn_150Ashlyn Berkhout: WOW Christmas: Red 2002

My favourite and probably most memorable Christmas album is WOW Christmas: Red 2002. This album was my first introduction to Christian artists and contains a ton of Christmas classics! I’d have to say some of my favourites off the album are “Do You Hear What I Hear” by Third Day, “This Christmas” by Toby Mac, and “Christmas is all in the Heart” by Steven Curtis Chapman. Blessings to you and your families this Christmas season!


trudy_150Trudy Connelly: Mary, Did You know by Jeremy Camp

My favourite Christian Christmas song is “Mary, Did You know”. It touched my heart the first time I heard it which was, if I recall correctly, in The Nativity Story film. I find it very impactful every time I hear it sung. As a mother with two sons, I can only imagine what it was like for Mary to watch Jesus grow knowing, as I believe she did, what He was destined to do as our Saviour. To watch him suffer must surely have pierced her heart because any suffering of a child breaks a mother’s heart and in Mary’s case it would have been multiplied many times over.


ashley_150Ashley House: The Christmas Sessions by MercyMe

Released back in 2005 I first heard the album in 2007, the first Christmas I was a Christian. The songs are classics but reinvented in away only MercyMe can do. Although its 10 years old, is a must own album!


bill_150Bill Stevens: The Spirit of Christmas by Michael W. Smith & Friends

Maybe it’s my background in film and television but I love a lush orchestral arrangement and when it’s the London Symphony Orchestra (also appearing on many motion picture soundtracks) I get goosebumps.

Renowned orchestral maestro David Hamilton was a third co-producer, who arranged and oversaw the London Symphony Orchestra’s recordings on the project while Michael and CMA awards producer Robert Deaton were the other two.

The end result is both cinematic and nostalgic as even the newly penned tunes are arranged to evoke yesterday’s Christmas with today’s clarity and quality. I’d love to get tired of it but I only hear it once a year!


brock_150Brock Tozer: Home For Christmas by Amy Grant

Well, this is a tough question, but I would have to say that my favourite CCM Christmas album, of all time, is Amy Grant’s, “Home For Christmas” (1992). There’s something about Amy’s voice that *feels* like Christmas, to me (I suspect it’s the warmth). Most people know this album, for her hit “Breath Of Heaven”, but the truth is every song, on “Home For Christmas”, is stellar & smartly chosen. Her originals (such as “Breath Of Heaven”) are goose-bump-inducing, and the classics are re-interpreted in such a beautiful way. To this day, Amy’s renditions of songs like “It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”, “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”, “O Come All Ye Faithful”, & “Grown Up Christmas List”, are my favourites ever recorded.


dianne_150Dianne Van Der Putten: Joy by Avalon

My favorite Christian Christmas album would be Joy by Avalon with “Joy to the World” and others on this album. Makes me incredibly happy and has me jumping around. Another would be “How Many Kings” by Downhere. Love it!!


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