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A Fantastic Family Fun Team Filled Summer With Ashlyn Berkhout

September 1st, 2015 Posted in CHRI

Over the course of the summer (April – August) our Family Fun Team has attended 26 events! Time after time our team of volunteers has continued to blow me away! Our partnership with the Ottawa Champions Baseball Club this season has been the focus of most of our event initiatives. With 8 Sundays out of the summer being spent at the ball park running the CHRI Kids Zone, I really feel we have communicated the importance of making Sundays about family and have been encouraged by the response from parents. It has been so rewarding seeing how far the CHRI Kids Zone has come since our first Sunday and how many people come out.

funteam-4The thing that has thrilled me most about this summer is seeing how much our volunteers have grown. Growing in the sense of doing things out of their comfort zone that they would have never done at the beginning of the summer, or having a life changing experience from just interacting with a child. I can’t take the credit for where they are now, but it has been such an honour to watch them bloom in both comfort and in Christ.

One of my first major events at CHRI was The Big Give. web domain My team and I took the cruiser (Out & About with Arnprior Chrysler J) around town and visited 3 churches and one park that were hosting the give. This was the day that I knew I would love my job – driving around the city, handing out balloons, and playing soccer with kids! I’m so passionate about making the most ordinary people feel absolutely extraordinary and that was the first day I really got to do so.

That is what this is about; being a servant and a blessing.

I am so ecstatic about what is to come with our involvement in the community!



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