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10 Ways to Use Leftover Easter Candy

April 1st, 2015 Posted in Lifestyle
Easter is a festive time of food, family and loads of pastel colored candies that will probably sit around until summer is over.If you want to try something different with your sweets, there are plenty of ways to upcycle your extra jelly beans and chocolate bunnies. Even if you don’t have a sweet tooth, you’ll be tempted to whip up these delightful desserts.But don’t blame us if your friends show up with their leftover candies. You might have trouble keeping your friends and family from gobbling up these delicious leftover recipes.

1. Peep Sushi

Find a creative way to serve those leftover Peeps. The gorgeous presentation alone might be enough to make even the most avid Peep-haters want to try one.

Image: Flickr, David M. Goehring

2. Easter Candy Bark

Add your jelly beans, M&Ms or even some mini Cadbury creme eggs to chocolate and voila! You have a fun, shareable dessert.

Image: @dixie_crystals on Instagram

3. Cadbury Cupcakes

A simple chocolate cupcake with a cracked Cadbury creme egg on top is sure to please your friends and family.

Image: @becsj76 on Instagram

4. Chocolate Bunny Fondue

Don’t let those giant chocolate chocolate bunnies go to waste. If breaking off pieces isn’t your style, melt them down to a delicious fondue and serve with cakes and fruit instead.

Image: @suanswanjeong on Instagram

5. Mini Egg Nests

If you have an abundance of mini eggs this year, combine them with some chocolate covered Krispies to make adorable and delicious birds nests.

Image: @craftymemories on Instagram

6. Peep-za

Spread your leftover Peeps with all your other candy toppings on a giant cookie for a fun and easy dessert.

Image: @jac_tayy on Instagram

7. Jelly Bean Cupcakes

Your leftover jelly beans make excellent cake toppers for a colorful and flavorful Easter treat.

Image: @dessertcravings on Instagram

8. Reese’s Banana Bread

Some people would rather eat their Reese’s peanut butter eggs as they are, but if you want to get creative, add them to a simple banana bread recipe for something deliciously decadent.

Image: @klahud on Instagram

9. Peep-corn

Those colorful little Peeps are so sweet, they pair perfectly with some salty popcorn. Melt your leftovers down for a colorful snack.
Image: @thesparklylifestyle on Instagram

10. Classic M&M Cookies

If you’re stuck with an extra bag of pastel M&M’s, it’s easy to add them to a batch of chocolate chip cookie dough for a classic dessert.

Image: @emilyssweetindulgence on Instagram


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