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How to Pack A Care Package for a loved one from Dianne

December 4th, 2014 Posted in Lifestyle
care_pack_4As a child growing up we would prepare care packages for family members that were far from home. I remember one Christmas when my eldest brother, being in the military, was stationed in Alert, North Pole. As a family we wrote letters and cards, thought of crafts to make, gag gifts to make him laugh and special, favorite food items, knowing he would enjoy
them. We’d wrap every single item to place in this large box and away it would go! I understood, even at a young age, that we were bringing home a little closer to him and he could feel the love that was behind the gifts.

Well today as a mom, my sons have grown and moved away from home and the care package tradition continues. Since the first Christmas when my eldest son was not able to make it home I’ve bought, wrote, baked and prepared care packages to send to him. Here are a few things I’ve learnt along the way:

  • Keep it simple – The first and most important lesson I’ve learnt. It’s not really what’s inside the package that makes it special, but the thought and effort put into it. Think of simple things that will make your special someone laugh and smile at what you thought of. I sent a package of Christmas lights one year which, of all the items in the package, was what they talked about the most. Cute!
  • care_pack_8Breakable items do sometimes break – I’ve tried all kinds of packaging for those special little trinkets that I so wanted them to have for Christmas. Most of the time I’m successful, but there are those moments when you hear it’s been broken. Prepare yourself beforehand and if it’s really that important then maybe consider giving it to them when they’re home the next time.
  • Bigger items do cost more to send – I’ve learnt that if my son needs an item that is larger in size, I’ll send money for him to purchase it himself, or I buy it online and have it delivered. Never thought I would say this but what a great way to shop!
  • Give lots of time for delivery – Plan to send your parcel a few weeks in advance to Christmas. It’s far better for them to receive it early to enjoy, then to have it delayed or lost in the mail, which is very disappointing for everyone. However, I do have some amazing Canada Post stories of my packages being delivered on a Sunday! Or, I’ve used the wrong address and it was delivered to the correct address. You can tell I pray over my packages!
  • care_pack_2Be wise in the baking items you send – Banana bread will go moldy, trust me. Cookies are the best thing to send and if you have a recipe that’s tasty and doesn’t fall apart in transport, even better. I bake Whipped Shortbreads and Bachelor Button cookies that are tasty, and melt in your mouth. Go to the dollar store to buy Christmas cookies tins, line with a Christmas napkin (or two) and fill to the brim. Your loved ones will appreciate it greatly!
  • Connect via FaceTime, Skype and Social Media – I remember when my son moved to New Zealand and left a couple of days prior to Christmas. He arrived at his destination on Christmas Day (staying with friends) and sent me a picture. He was standing on a beach, holding a surf board with blue sky behind him and rolling surf. When I opened that picture via email and saw his face I cried (happy tears of course). Care packages come in all sizes and that picture did it for me.
  • care_pacK

  • All in all, have fun and be creative!

Last but not least, when my sons are home for Christmas, it’s always a special time of decorating the house, baking and preparing all their favorite foods, spending time around the dinner table, talking, laughing and sharing / building memories. Cherish each and every moment with them. And when they’re sometimes far away, they and you will still be close at heart.


Merry Christmas, from our home to yours!


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