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Christmas Baking 2.0. Paleo Christmas Treats from Ashley Elliott

December 4th, 2014 Posted in Advice and Tips
AshleyLast year I decided to make a few changes to my diet. I wasn’t completely sure what the end results would be and I certainly wasn’t expecting to have a “life-style change” as people like to call it. I went on a six week cleanse, cutting everything out of my diet except lean proteins and vegetables and a bit of fruit – that’s right no dairy, no sugar of any kind, no wheat of any kind for six weeks! Thankfully coffee and tea were still allowed – my saving grace :)I’ve never been a large girl but I have always enjoyed eating which usually left me above my ideal weight and fitness level. I very quickly shed those extra pounds during the cleanse and honestly felt better than ever. I was more focused, I slept better and overall I looked better. It seems crazy to say it but it was an epiphany moment for me that what we eat truly affects the way we look & feel – duh! But for me I had to live to know it.The crazy cleanse led me to explore a new way of eating and a new relationship with food. Although I don’t stick 100% to the traditional Peleo diet, I still incorporate some dairy and legumes into my diet, I do try to adhere to a lot of the cave man’s ways. No refined sugars, no wheat’s, no processed foods. Now that Christmas has rolled around, my sister (who is following the same diet) and I decided to tackle some of our favourite Christmas baking recipes, Paleo style. Here it goes!

1. GRAIN-FREE SUGAR COOKIES from (I’m slightly obsessed with this site!)Cookies turned out okay considering their grain free but definitely have a different taste than your traditional sugar cookie. They burn very easily!!RECIPE sugar_cookies


2. SWEET AND SALTY CHOCOLATE BARK from paleoleap.comSo simple, so yummy! The salt on the chocolate is what makes this.RECIPE bark


3. SEVEN-LAYER BARS from againstallgrain.comThis one takes time so anticipate at least an hour, if not more, to make this plus it needs to cool. Danielle recommends an hour but it’s best if you leave it overnight in your fridge to make sure everything hardens together that way you really get the layered effect. RECIPE layers
4. GINGERSNAP COOKIES from againstallgrain.comThis was by far my favourite of all the recipes. It took no time to put them together. My cookie cutter was large so the recipe only made around 10 cookies but you could make them smaller. I will definitely be making these again before Christmas.RECIPE ginger_cookies
5. Sugar Free Chocolate Fudge from chocolatecoveredkatie.comThe secret ingredient here is banana! This whipped up in no time at all & if you stick it in the fridge it’s done in a hour. A good recipe to have in your back pocket and is safe for pretty much all allergies and food sensitivities.RECIPE fudge

If you make any of these recipes or any other innovative Christmas baking I’d love to see your creation! Post it on CHRI’s Facebook page – or Twitter or Instagram using #CHRIchristmas.

Happy Baking!

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