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Care Baldwin shares a Christmas craft the whole family can make

December 4th, 2014 Posted in Lifestyle
CareWhat you’ll need:

pine cones of various shapes & sizes (I used approx. 70… having lots of mini ones helps with filler – ie: Step 4)
misc. beads, glitter, accents, etc. (optional)
plastic bag (preferably dark colour or close to basket colour)
newspaper stuffing
hot glue gun
masking tape
short string of LED Christmas lights (depending on the size of your basket). It’s best if the string is green because it hides better, but I liked the shape and warmth of these.


basket_diy_1 Step 1:
Put the paper stuffing in to the plastic bag and fill the bottom of your basket. (This is so you don’t use up your pine cones where people can’t even see them!)
basket_diy_2 Step 2:Tape the string of lights randomly on to the plastic bag so it’s scattered throughout the basket. (You’ll want to make sure the end hangs over the edge so you can plug it in).It’s going to look weird until you cover it up with pine cones.
basket_diy_3 Step 3:Carefully, using the hot glue gun, glue pine cones on to the bag. Start with the larger ones and make sure you don’t cover up the light bulbs. It’s sort of like a puzzle at this point, trying to fit everything and keep it random.
basket_diy_4 Step 4:At this point, you’ll see lots of holes where the bag or the string of lights is showing. Use mini pine cones to fill these holes and the accents can be used to fill really small holes.
basket_diy_5 Step 5:Finish with a bow around the handle.



  • You can use red berries or silver/gold accents to make a more Christmas-y basket. I made mine more Winter-y so I can display it all winter-long!
  • The great thing about pine cones is that the scales go in one direction, so don’t be afraid to shove them in to the holes and they won’t fall out.

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