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Scripture Scraps

October 1st, 2014 Posted in Lifestyle
I forget that kids have an incredible capacity to memorize things. which further emphasizes the need to get them learning before they become like me and forget to even bring the shopping list to the grocery store, that i wrote for once. For goodness sakes.I was reading Hunter a nursery rhyme book – full of nonsense really. Have you ever listened to them, like really? They are dumb. Like why would i sing my child to sleep telling them a cradle will fall and down will come baby. Now go to sleep sweetly. My child. You are safe. Anyways, sitting there next to my boy in his twin bed with striped blue sheets, he opens his tiny mouth and tells me almost every rhyme in that book of twenty.


Am i the mom of a genius?? I know better. This is normal. God gives kids such an ability to learn and absorb and remember. Sometimes I wish I could remember how good it felt to remember.

So, instead of filling Hunter’s growing mind with dead rhymes, why not fill it with life breathing Scripture.

And Scripture Scraps was born. It came to me all on it’s own, without pinterest even, during a car ride, where I was the driver… I hoped and prayed I would remember this idea until I had a chance to stop and write it down. Well I did remember. So this must really be something.

Also? I have been wishing for a good excuse to buy a smash book. with a 40% coupon in hand, I headed to Michael’s with a kick in my step like I was fulfilling some life-long dream. I got my hoped-for smash book, some tape, pockets, and papers. all for $14.

1. smash book (or any type of scrapbook or journal)
2. tape/glue/pen (the awesome thing is that smash books are sold with a fancy pen that doubles as a glue stick)
3. 3×5 cards or blank notecards for verses
4. stickers, flashcards, whatever your heart so desires

I wanted to make this easy and vintagey coupled with lots of fun, colors, and random. You gotta keep the little ones interested with every page.

I picked out some verses (they don’t have to be easy ones… challenge their young minds!), to go with the smash book pages, and wrote them on the notecards. There is a visual trigger on each page, helping Hunter remember what the verse is about.

Here are some of ours:

My favorite page:

Forgive me if this isn’t really a lamb. I consulted with my biology loving husband and he said a lamb was his best bet. So I went with it:

Inside this pocket are pictures of Hunter and Sage:

The kids are thrilled over this.

Hunter: Mom, you made this for me??

Me: I sure did.

Hunter: I’m so excited, Mom!!!

We will read this book every day. Or ideally anyway. Sage wants to color all over it at this point. But that just means she thinks it’s fun. I’m sure of it.

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