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CHRI Staff Summer

August 1st, 2014 Posted in CHRI
Dan Adams – Mid Day HostWe spent most of our summer doing family trips and visiting lots family, going to reunions and then we did some fishing with the kids. They discovered the “fun” of fishing. (Mostly playing with worms)



CareCare Baldwin – Home Stretch Host

Sometimes a summer without any major trips or commitments is the best kind of summer!

This was the first summer for me in a long time that wasn’t booked up before it even started! No play rehearsals 4 nights a week (coordinating the set/props for 9th Hour’s “The Screwtape Letters” and “The Great Divorce” took up a LOT less of my time); no long vacation; I just found myself doing more of what I enjoy in the Summer months: Whatever I feel like!

It’s nice to have the flexibility for spontaneous get-togethers with friends, beach time, reading time, garage sales, festivals, DYI projects, visits with family, trying new recipes, etc. We also had air conditioning and a new furnace installed… which was a long-time coming!

I have always filled up my summer before spring is even over so this was a nice change – and I recommend trying it!



TrudyTrudy Connelly – Church Media Coordinator

This July I took a few days to relax and refresh in the Pontiac – Pine Lodge at Norway Bay to be exact.  It’s a rustic family owned lodge built in the 1930’s situated on the Ottawa River at Norway Bay with friendly owners and staff plus great home-cooked food.  It was exactly what I wanted, lots of quiet time to read and sit by the beach, play a round of golf (9 holes only thankfully which was plenty at the pace that I play).  I jogged a little and walked most days.  I read a couple of books, one being “In Step with God” by Dr. Charles Stanley.  It’s a great book that I highly recommend.  The book provides insights into deepening your personal relationship with Jesus.  It helped me reflect on how much He loves me and how important every little thing that concerns me also concerns Him.  Plus I discovered how important some quiet time is to get centred on what is truly important.



AshleyAshley Elliott – Promotions Coordinator

Summer 2014 has been amazing! Busy but amazing! As you read this I’m enjoying the lovely sea breeze on the red shores of Prince Edward Island, Canada’s beautiful & tiny island that has given the world Anne of Green Gables, famous potatoes & unforgettable Cows Ice Cream. At the beginning of the summer my boyfriend Andrew proposed while we were travelling in New York City, sending us into a giddy planning frenzy. My summer has also been joyfully taken over with plans for the upcoming inaugural Ottawa [free-them] Freedom Walk on Saturday, September 27th. Which all leads me to say my favourite moment of the summer is when I cross over the world’s longest (ice-covered water) bridge leading me to a small, postcard perfect island. Island life is at a much slower pace than capital life. Lazy mornings sipping coffee on the porch watching the gulls play in the waves, afternoons taking a jaunt across the emerald green farmers fields and chasing the crisp blue sky that seems to go on forever and evenings spent eating the local catch of the day while laughing with good friends & soon-to-be family.



PierrePierre Nantais – Controller

This summer is packed with activities. The two big ones are spending my spiritual time at Temple Israel instead of my church, and doing a massive cleanup following completion of my full-house renovations on July 4th. What an arduous job that is! This is where I truly found out just how much stuff I have and how much I have to get rid of. I knew it consciously but, going through each and every item sort of rubs my nose in it. Symbol that I’ve reached the halfway mark is placing my Japanese cat on his high perch, overlooking the dining / living room.



ewan_1Ewan Roy – Family Fun Team Coordinator

As a new CHRI employee, a big highlight of the summer has been working at the station and starting up the Family Fun Team! The opportunity to be a part of church and community events is an exciting one, and I look forward to seeing how the team grows and continues to serve Ottawa and the surrounding regions over the coming months. I’ve already done everything from festivals to concerts to a motorcycle charity ride, and I feel blessed to have been part of them and to have met so many wonderful people. As I continue on, however, I’ll be constantly looking for new volunteers to help out at events and be a part of the team. If you’re interested, e-mail me at!



Monika Kading – Media Traffic Coordinator

My summer fun is looking after my grand-son Princeton, who sure enjoys the Splash-pads, parks and anything to do with the outdoors. He makes my days so much brighter and I realize how blessed I am to be his NaNa.



BillBill Stevens – General Manager

Growing up we didn’t have a cottage and my parents couldn’t afford basic holiday expenses like gas and food so we just invented stuff to do around the house. There was a lot of construction going on in our neighbourhood so there were always piles of dirt to play in.

As I matured three newspaper routes filled in my summers. Later it was construction jobs and the Eaton’s men’s and boy’s wear department.  So, I’m not a summer holiday or any holiday for that matter kind of guy.

Today, summer to me just means more daylight, better commuting weather and cutting grass instead of shoveling snow. My idea of a holiday is sitting with my wife of 44 years looking over the fields and watching God redress the landscape in a constant flow of seasons. That takes about 10 minutes a day!



BrockBrock Tozer – Morning Express Host

Firstly, the family and I finally got the chance to go to Calypso, a few weeks ago, which was an absolute blast. My 9 year old son (Zachary) said, at the end of the day, that it had been “the best day of his entire life”. Haha. So cool!

Also, we’re heading to New Brunswick this summer, to see family, which we don’t get to do nearly often enough. I’m especially excited to re-connect with my older brother (Lehman), and his family, since it’s been more than 5 years since I’ve seen him last.



DianneDianne Van der Putten – Marketplace Ministry

The date is fast approaching and I’ve been anticipating this for months!!!  I’ll be attending the Joyce Meyer Conference in Toronto August 21 to 23 and have VIP seats!!  I’ve never been to a Joyce Meyer conference before OR watched her program on television (I know, shocking) but I do listen regularly to Joyce on CHRI at 6:15PM, Mon to Fri.  I’m so looking forward to this teaching time and know thousands will be attending this conference with me.  Did I mention it’s also my birthday (Aug 20) celebration too!  Doesn’t get any better!


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